Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Poor Camera

So it seems that my trusty camera isn't so trusty anymore. I think after its last bump on the ground it has decided that it doesn't want to keep on living. Unfortunately the cost to replace my DSL sidekick would run me a lot of money that, with a baby, a new car and sinking driveway, we just don't have the spare funds.
My flash also has kicked the bucket, though I do hope to be able to repair it instead of replace that. The camera itself isn't focusing consistently, randomly has deleted pictures off the memory card before they can be transferred to the computer (really good pics might I add!), and has more recently been popping up with error messages. I think I need to play the lottery...or just save the money that I would play into the lottery....hmmm.
So sad. It has been a good run dear friend.


Larry said...

Sad to hear, but since you take such great pictures with whatever camera you hold, I expect, as a viewer, I won't notice the difference. Oh, and DO save that lottery money . . . it's a scam, don't you know.

PS -- Maybe Nate could fix your camera. Just tell him to avoid poking the capacitors.

marty said...

So sorry to hear, but you have a great eye for composition and your pictures will continue to dazzle and delight, no matter what camera you use.

And you have lots of time to look for a suitable replacement while you're saving up for it--maybe Playskool makes one that can survive the bumps and drops?