Thursday, April 22, 2010

For you, Aunt Martha

Say hello to our little (BIG) friend!....
The blueish green fangs.....holy crap!

Let's call him Pierre (i was feeling French when I named him). Pierre is a freaky Bold Jumping Spider. He's creepy and not welcome at our house. I think he lives up to the Bold part of his species' name as he stared me down from the inside of the Rubbermaid container to which he was imprisoned. And i felt threatened. No joke. He even started cleaning those awful looking fangs of his whilst looking me right in the eye from his many eyes....

Ben claims Pierre tried to eat his hand when he jumped from the braking mechanism on the Camry's wheel. I think he was going for the jugular. Only Pierre knows the truth.

Got the freak out yet Aunt Martha?

Arachnophobia right here in Stephens City.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Good Deed Done...

So for the past 2 weeks Ben and I have been watching a German Shepherd for a woman from the rescue who's father passed away. She was paying $100 a day for her dog, Harper, to be boarded while she was out of town handling the funeral arrangements. So we were asked if we could watch Harper so that her owner wouldn't have to pay around $1400 on top of all the travel expenses she had in flying to Florida, and moving her Mom up to New York.

Harper was a bit of a challenge. Within the first three days she peed on the floor four times (she is supposed to be housebroken), she got into several little scuffles with Aida, got into potted plants leaving dirt all over the carpet, ate a few receipts, and chewed on my shoes, underwear, socks, Ben's shirts, among other things.

The icing on the cake came on Friday when she made a deposit in the middle of our bedroom floor which sent me into dry heaves while cleaning it up. And then yesterday she, seemingly out of nowhere, attacked Aida which required a folding chair to separate the two of them. It was quite scary. Poor Aida has blood in her ear and lost several chunks of hair from her head. In the evening I discovered a gash on Aida's head that I cleaned up (it is looking better today). This morning it looks like more of the hair around the gash fell out so my little girl has a bit of a bald spot, but she's a trooper.

Harper's owner picked her up today, thank goodness. I'm glad we were able to help her out in this most sad time for her and her family, but I am much more happy that Harper is no longer here!

Friday, April 16, 2010

It Finally Happened...

It's been too long. I must admit I have been somewhat of a hermit when it comes to technology lately. I have barely been on the computer in the last few weeks except for updating my resume for the....get this....job I was just offered!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to say, it is a bit ironic that I have been applying for so many different jobs since moving down to Virginia without even a slight interest from employers and as soon as I find out I'm pregnant I get the phone call. I had a phone interview followed by an in-person interview the very next day. And believe it or not, they loved me and offered me the job a few days later!
The job is at a bank as a teller and it is only part time, however I get an awesome pay rate, benefits and PAID vacation in addition to a 401K. I can't complain.
I will start training soon and will hopefully have lots of fun updates once I start my new job!!!

**Also, my next doctor appointment is in a little over a week so I will have updates on that as well soon!**