Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Olive Garden Outing

Yesterday Ben and I decided to get lunch at Olive Garden. Ryan was fresh off eating his lunch so we figured we would be safe to go to a sit down restaurant. Olive Garden has these nice car seat "slings" that you can use rather than a booster seat, so with a few toys we set Ryan in there and hoped for the best.

Now I would be lying if I were to say that I never used to bristle at a screaming child in a public place; I did and so did Ben. So we have tried to be very conscience of Ryan disturbing other's meals. Ben is especially jumpy if Ryan makes so much as a peep. One time at church (Christmas eve, so Ryan was all of a month old) Ryan just started to whimper and Ben popped up and scurried Ryan outside. A little excessive.

So it was quite hilarious to see Ben at Olive Garden. Ryan was not crying or fussing at all. Instead he was literally squealing with delight. He was playing with his toys and screeching/squealing to his little heart's content. I knew people were looking but I found it adorable, a little loud yes, but adorable all the same. Ben however kept giving me the stink eye because I wasn't quieting him down. He tried several times doing the "Shhh" finger at Ryan (he's seven months old and does not understand that).

After a couple hairy eyeball glares I scooped Ryan up and held him on my lap. The curious baby stood up and reached to try and grab the man's shirt in the booth behind us. I pulled him back before he could grab the shirt so instead he began squealing and smiling at the family. He thoroughly entertained them for the duration of our meal. And he made me laugh (and Ben laugh too). He is such a happy baby. I love that boy.