Saturday, February 20, 2010


Riley, our very first foster dog, has been adopted! He was a wonderful dog and deserved to have great home. He went to a family down in Richmond, VA. They have a Bernese Mountain Dog that is about 3 years old. Riley seemed to really like the family and we've heard that so far he is already bonding with his new owner Brian. Brian and his wife Julie seem to be very active and live close to the James River where they like to take their dog swimming. We really felt like this would be a great home for Riley, but we miss him very much.

I hope he loves his new home and I hope he doesn't forget the people who saved him from the pound. :)

Bag of Almonds - $10.00

Bag of Pita Chips - $7.00

Tollhouse Chocolate Chips - $2.50

Everything else the mouse ate - $$$$

Catching the mouse alive and releasing him back to the wild - priceless.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mr Plow ("That name again is Mr Plow!"-Simpsons' Reference)

They finally came around and plowed our street at 4:00PM on Sunday. Not that i minded the delay...there was a lot of snow to be plowed on more important main roads. Besides, the dogs were having so much fun playing in the snow covered street. But alas, Mr. Plow came and cleared our road...unfortunately our yard was his dumping ground for the surplus snow. So despite the fact that we'll have snow in our yard until mid May, at least our road is now drivable. (And the dogs have another playground...or a play-mountain if you will.)

Snowmegeddon 2010

I can say that this past snow storm rivaled any i have seen in Ohio. Not to say that the quantity surpassed what i have seen before, but at the very least it has been quite some time since i have seen that much snow in such a short amount of time.

The snow started at 9:00AM Friday morning and did not stop until about 4:30PM Saturday. We got 15 inches alone between Friday night and Saturday morning. I have heard that areas such as Dulles got a record 32 inches while other areas did not get quite as much. We measured the snow in our backyard at 29 inches this morning around noon and that was after the sun had been out all morning.

The dogs have had an absolute blast these last couple of days. They have been running around the culdesac with the other 4 neighborhood dogs. Last night we had a "snowed in" party with all the neighbors. They all came over to have a "potluck" style dinner. It was great getting to know our neighbors a little better and after everyone chipping in and shoveling each others driveways i think we all became much closer neighbors.

Every inch of me aches from shoveling. Ben did a good job handing out beers and "supervising" the shoveling progress we were all making. He also looked after all the dogs while everyone was busy working. Although our two canines were very much slowing down our progress as they would pounce on our shovels as we were trying to throw the excess snow off to the side. It was funny/cute the first couple times...but not the last 20 times....

Overall we survived. You'll notice in the slide show of pics that i fell down and could not get back up in the backyard this morning. It was a combination of having on many layers, the sloping backyard and my supreme uncoordination. It was hilarious. I felt just like that kid from "A Christmas Story"....i feel his pain.

Hope everyone else survived whatever snow they got! And we are supposedly not out of the woods yet as we are due for two more snow storms in the coming two weeks. Yippee!