Monday, October 29, 2007

Gotta Love Ikea

Ben and Dad found the Ikea chairs calling their names

*Just thought i'd post this picture for fun :)

More Fun With Mom and Dad

I have been having some issues with the computer and Blogger tonight so I wasn't able to upload all the pictures I had planned to. So here are a couple from Saturday and Sunday.
Mom and Dad helped put our slip-cover on the couch. It is an awfully stubborn slip-cover.
Here's Mom and Dad at The Silver Diner on Sunday. This seems to be the official send off breakfast place. :)
So far, things have been going relatively well with the new Virginia Dog :) Aida seems to be adjusting well. Although she did decide to give the apartment complex a wake up call at 4:00am and 5:00am. I certainly didn't appreciate it so I am assuming those who may have heard her didn't appreciate it either.
We had fun with Mom and Dad coming to visit. Dad left his rain jacket here so I was hoping they would just have to make a trip back to get it. This weekend works for me! But it doesn't seem that my idea is going to work :) Oh well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
Can't wait to see everyone!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

More Friday Fun!!

We had dinner at the Red Rock Canyon and we ran into Bond, Bob Bond

Ben had not only a pound of pork chops, but also a gigantic size piece of key lime pie...You'll have to excuse his blow-fish-face

Pooped out after a long day

Fun Times on Friday!

Dad enjoys his Reeses Nutrageous Bar..maybe a little too much :)

Aida helps grandpa finish up his shake from the Silver Diner

Mom and Dad playing the Wii. So much fun to watch!

More Pictures of the New Apartment

Entrance to the Complex

Fountain in the courtyard area

Lobby Area

Common Room/Lounge

Movie Theater (Right in our clubhouse!!)

The New "Crib"

Today Ben and I took Mom, Dad and Aida to the new apartment. They were very impressed and seemed to really like the area and the apartment itself. Aida seemed pretty happy too. There are lots of windows for her to look out. So even though we didn't stay with the apartment with the balcony (it was smaller and more expensive), there is a lot more room for Aida (and us) and since the windows are pretty low Aida is able to look out. All around everybody is happy.

Don't mind the was pouring outside so it is a little gloomy...but overall we captured the "essence" of the new place. :)

I took some pictures, but let me tell you, Dad was a picture taking fool. I will spare you the pictures of the inside of the refridgerator and other can use your imagination as to what they look like :)

Aida was ridin' in the back seat with her grandma and grandpa on the way to the new apartment.

Our apartment is on the corner of Brandeis Terrace and Boston Terrace.

Here's Dad enjoying our new living room.

This is our new dining room.

And here's the kitchen, with granite countertops and brand new appliances :)

Virginia Visit

Aida bonds with her dad after her first night in her new home. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's a Dog's Life

Aida's first Dog Park

Aida enjoyed her first dog park experience. We took her to "Bow Wow Beach" in Stow with "grandma" and "grandpa." As soon as we got there she took off straight into the water, no hesitations. She spent the afternoon swimming, drinking the lake water, and chasing and being chased by the other dogs.

We have been looking for a dog park here in Virginia, however we haven't found one with a swimmin' hole. But if we can't find a swimming lake for dogs we can pay for her to swim laps at the many Dog Resorts in the area. I am not kidding. For $35 a session she can swim laps at the resort. Or we could pay for her to enjoy many of the services that the resorts offer from manicures to facials to private cuddle time. It is ridiculous what people pay for around here. Not that I wouldn't do it if I had the money burning a hole in my pocket, but i don't, so we won't worry about it. Ben would probably kick me out :)

Aida gives grandpa a snakey lick on the face on the way to the park.

As Aida would run through the water, Baywatch style, she kept scooping up water in her mouth. It's amazing she didn't get sick!

After running through the water, she had to shake it all off. Of course it was usually as close to you as she could get, thus getting us all wet!

Grandma and Grandpa watch from the bench as Aida runs by.

One of Aida's favorite things is to be chased and Ben is really good at it!

Happy Halloween!

Ben and I went to get pumpkins from a farm about an hour away. My pumpkin is the cute small one and Ben's pumpkin is the big, manly, pumpkin.

We carved the pumpkins a few days later and they lasted all of about 5 days before they started to mold. The weather here has been so warm it actually is cooler inside than out. So we attempted to put the pumpkins by the air conditioning vent so that they would stay cool. However, due to the previously mentioned mold, they did not stay cool enough.

So although the pumpkins didn't last at least we got to carve our first pumpkins as a married couple :) I know corny, but I though it was sweet.

Happy Halloween!!

Last Try

I am going to attempt, yet again, to keep this blog updated. Not sure that it will last and based on my previous won't. But who knows, it may stick this time!
So here goes nothing, enjoy it while it lasts!