Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Bump Time!

So our little guy is growing into a big is my (a little more than) 5 Month baby bump pic. The doctor is very happy with everything so far, but she's still keeping a close eye on me. So I go back in three weeks. The ultrasound turned out pretty crappy, otherwise I would post that too. The ultrasound tech is not very good at taking pictures...Oh well.

The doctor says our baby is actually measuring 5 days bigger. So who knows, this could be a sign that he's coming early :)

Ben and I went out and went shopping yesterday and I got some clothes that actually fit!!!! I'm still fitting into most of my shirts and my jeans, just not my shorts or dress pants. The joys of gaining weight during pregnancy. I think I've gained like 25 pounds already. Hopefully that'll slow down!!!