Monday, November 12, 2007

Don't Run With Scissors

Well, that isn't exactly what happened, running with scissors I mean. But the way I did cut my thumb was just as dumb. So I decided to make stew for Ben and I on Saturday for dinner. And despite my mom's advice to use a cutting board when I cut vegetables (or anything), I did not use said cutting board. I was cutting the baby carrots length-wise and even thinking as I cut the first carrot that I should probably use a cutting board. I cut the carrot with the knife coming towards me. And I think that the knife had it in for me, because half way through the carrot it picked up speed and sliced not only the vegetable, but my thumb as well.

Needless to say, my thumb took a pretty good hit, but luckily no stitches were needed. The cut is still pretty tender, but it has started to slowly heal. Unfortunately the cut is still split open, so I have to keep band-aids covering it.
Oh well, I be dumb and I learned my lesson...i think. :)

Turkey Day!

7 days and counting until we come home! Can't wait to see everyone!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Three Dog Bakery

That bakery we went to has a website if anyone is interested. The shop was really cute.
To check it out visit:

Visit to Richmond

Ben, Aida and I took a trip down to Richmond to see Sara on Sunday. Aida did very well on the 2 hour trip. Once we arrived, as soon as I parked a BIG chocolate lab came wandering over to us. Of course Aida was barking her little head off at this point. The dog had no collar or tags but had a orange harness on. He (Ben found that out) seemed older and well fed. So we didn't want to just leave him, he was so sweet and laid back. Ben walked him around with the extra leash we keep in the trunk and asked people that were out if they knew whose dog it was or if they've ever seen him before. At first no one recognized the dog, but then some one said they thought it was one of the leasing agents dogs. He said that the dog has, in the past, pushed out the screen in one of the apartment windows and gotten out. So Sara called the emergency contact number since the office was not open on Sundays, and left a message that we may have the dog of one of the leasing agents. When the maintenance called back we found out it was in fact a leasing agent's dog and he had pushed through the window screen when his owner wasn't home. So long story short, we found the dog's home and all is well. If we hadn't, Ben was considering keeping him....I'm really glad we found his home.

After the lost dog incident, we hung out with Sara for a little bit before going to this really cool outdoor mall. The mall is really dog-friendly. Most of the stores allow dogs, including the Godiva shop! We went to this cute dog bakery called Three Dog Bakery. We picked up a couple bakery items: "chocolate" chip cookies, a pretzel, and a dipped bone. Aida was quite happy.

All in all, it was a very fun trip, Aida was well behaved, and we had a good time.

Aida playing with cousin Sara

Aida peeking thru her donut-shaped toy. That's really how she carries the toy around...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Just a Walk in the Park

Today, Ben and I took Aida on a walk by the government center. We took her down a path across from an outdoor shopping area. We have never gone that way before, so I guess you could say we went "left for adventure." The scenery was beautiful and now Aida is nice and pooped.

Ben is determined to make a runner out of Aida

Along our walk we could see the back of the government building that Ben had his graduation from the fire academy at.

There are trees in Fairfax!!!

The happy family

Finally we made it back!