Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a bird...it's a plane...it's....

SUPER-VISOR of the YEAR!!!!!
Congratulations to our superhero!!!
**We are very proud of you Dad**

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A re-cap on what you already know...

This past visit to Ohio was a blast. As everyone already knows: The week started off with Owen's Baptism/Caleb's Birthday. It was so nice to see the Lima family. It had been awhile. Unfortunately, mom was really sick and was unable to attend. I took upwards of 130 pictures at the Baptism/Birthday so I could capture every moment for mom. I think she appreciated it...she was kind of out of it when I showed her. And even when you are in perfect health, looking at 130 photos from one event can be a bit overkill....oh well.

I apologize for uploading some photos...I know similar photos have already been posted on Mike and Jenn's and Aunt Martha and Uncle Larry's blog. But in case you were just craving some more photos of those cute little Lima boys...here they are.

After the festivities of the weekend, Ben headed back to Virginia to complete his last week as a probational firefighter. Dad and Nathan finished installing the new front door that Sunday. Of course (you knew I was going to add this in...) I had to fix the handle on the door. Dad and Nathan were trying to hammer on a brass cap over a screw...little did they know the washer between the screw and the door face was on backwards...leave it to a woman to fix a man's mistake. Lol....I have been rubbing this in since I figured out the washer was simply on backwards and once it was turned around, the cap snapped right on...ok now i'm done.

It was nice that I was able to stay so long. Even though mom was sick, i was able to help take care of her. She felt bad...but i figure it was a small repayment for the 23 years she took care of me with the countless days of being sick. So after many trips to Acme to get Jello, then back for saltines, and then back another day for soup, etc, mom started to feel better. As mom just was becoming more like a human and was emerging into the outside world, dad went in for surgery. The surgery went really well, actually better than expected. He was as happy "as a clam with two peters" (for explanation of that quote ask my mom) the day he came home from the hospital. I think he was just so happy to be out of the OR. He felt well enough to have an italian ice from Ritas and a Galley Boy, fries and a shake from Swensons. In the following days the drugs knocked him out. But once he was off the "hard stuff" he was back to his old self.

So Ben is officially off probation at work. After taking his final exam (and he aced it by the way) he was given a new badge plate that goes on his helmet that says "firefighter" instead of "probationary." He is now no longer considered a "rookie," yet another benefit of being off probation. Everyone was so proud of him, including me. :)

Since my birthday plans with my friends was so rudely cancelled by the big snow storm in early March, we rescheduled for this past visit. We decided to go to the new Quaker Steak and Lube in Canton. We had a lot of fun. Everyone was able to come (of course with the exception of the out of towners: Daniel and Sara). Afterwards we went over to our friend Brett's house to play a playstation game called rockband. The game is similar to Guitar Hero, but uses two guitars and a set of drums (of course not real guitars and drums, but video game type instruments) and also a microphone. I learned that unlike my dad...i have no rhythm on the drums. My foot and hand coordination is way off. And Ben was nice enough to record my attempt at rockstardom. Unfortunately I don't know how to upload a video onto this blog so my video debut will just have to wait. Darn.

So all in all, the visit was a lot of fun. We got to see everyone and I got to visit a little longer than usual. Of course that made it harder to leave. I really wish we could have stayed longer. We certainly miss the family a lot. Thanks for a great visit everyone. We look forward to seeing you all soon!